line reactor 151,0 A , 280,0 W- 6SE6400-3CC11-2FD0

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MICROMASTER 4 Line reactor 380-600V 3AC 151A Stand-alone FSF-0.15MH Electrical reactor SINAMICS line reactor for the compact SINAMICS G120 inverters and MICROMASTER 4. Line reactors are used to smooth voltage peaks and/or to buffer commutation dips Line reactors also reduce the effects of harmonics on the inverter and the supply system. If the line impedance is <1 %, a line reactor must be used to reduce the current peaks. The line reactor covers a single-phase voltage range from 1AC 200 V up to 240 V and a three-phase voltage range from 3AC 200 V up to 600 V. For frame sizes FSA to FSD they are available as footprint component, and for frame size FSF, as standalone version.

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