line reactor 11,6 A , 27,0 W- 6SL3203-0CD21-4AA0

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SINAMICS reactor for Power Module FSB 4.0kW, base mounting possible Electrical reactor SINAMICS line reactor for the PM340 Power Module of the S110 servo drive and the PM240 Power Module of the SINAMICS G120 modular frequency converter. Line reactors smooth the current drawn by the converter and thus reduce the harmonic content in the line current. Reducing the current harmonics also reduces the power components in the rectifier and thermally offloads the DC-link capacitors and reduces the line harmonic distortions. Using a line reactor increases the life of the converter. The line reactors are available in a three-phase voltage range 380 V to 480 V and for frame sizes FSA to FSD. The line reactors are base components. The cables to the Power Module are already connected to the line reactor. SINAMICS – the integrated drive family for every field of application.

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