Braking resistor 75,00 Ohm, 7,50 kW- 6SL3201-0BE21-8AA0

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SINAMICS BRAKING RESISTOR R=75Ohm P_rated=375W P_max=7500W/12s/5% duty STANDALONE Braking resistor SINAMICS braking resistor for modular SINAMICS G120 inverters and compact SINAMICS G120C inverters. The excess DC link energy is dissipated using braking resistors. They are intended for use with PM240-2 and PM240 Power Modules (mounted next to the Power Modules). These Power Modules are equipped with an integrated braking chopper and cannot regenerate back to the line supply. For regenerative operation, e.g. braking a flywheel load with a high moment of inertia, a braking resistor must be connected, which converts the generated energy into heat. There is an optional plug-in Braking Module for frame size FSGX.

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