Braking Module 1,50 kW- 6SL3100-1AE31-0AB1

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SINAMICS BREAKING MODULE INPUT: 600 V DC OUTPUT: PEAK 100 KW/2 S Braking Module SINAMICS Braking Module in Booksize format for the SINAMICS S120 converter system. A Braking Module and the matching external braking resistor are required to bring drives to a controlled standstill in the event of a power failure (e.g. emergency retraction or EMERGENCY STOP category 1) or limit the DC link voltage for brief periods of generator operation, e.g. when the regenerative feedback capability of the Line Module is deactivated. The Braking Module contains the power electronics and the associated control and also functions autonomously. During operation, the DC link energy is converted into heat loss in an external braking resistor and the Braking Modules in Booksize format can also be used for rapid discharge of the DC link. The Braking Module in Booksize format is available with a DC link voltage of 510 V to 720 V. Additionally, caution signs in 30 languages for the Braking Module are included in the order. The set of foreign language warning signs can be placed on top of the standard English and German signs. SINAMICS – the integrated drive family for every field of application.

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